As Intense as Joy Division’  –  Coyote J (The Edge Radio Show)

One of The Top Twenty Gothic Tracks Of All Time’  –  Mick Mercer 

‘Amazing….Blown away’   Erik de Ridder (W-Fest)

‘How this band didn’t become a household name in the industrial/Wax Trax scene of the late 1980’s, is a mystery to me?’   Punk Vault Magazine

‘Once Impressive, now legendary’ –  DJ Icecave

‘Memorable tracks off a memorable album’ –  Cold Beat Berlin

“With excellent sound the album manages to convey the power of BFG on stage in the best imaginable way – only seeing them live can do better”  – DJ Cyber Pagan


Following tours with The Cult, New Order, and appearances at the Montreux Rock Festival  as drummer with various bands and artists  including Factory Records band Lavolta Lakota, Mike Simii left to form BFG in Summer 1985 with long term counterpart Keith Lambert. The bands direction was set when Pete Hook, Joy Division’s  and New Order bassist, lent the fledgling B.F.G. the original Oberheim DBX drum machine responsible for probably one of the most recognisable kick drums intros of all time…….Blue Monday. 

It was at that point the bands  manifesto, became  clear.  Merge electronic dance beats, driving bass lines, and  heavy staccato guitar, a combination and sound  that would eventually find mainstream success via the output of Chicago label ‘Wax Trax’ and Nine Inch Nails under the guise of ‘Industrial Music’. The final addition to the original BFG sound was vocalist B.J. Williams.

The band’s first new purchase, a Roland 909 drum machine became the dance floor force behind BFG’s first single ‘Paris’ / ‘Amelia’. Upon hearing these tracks Pete Hook immediatly offered  BFG the support slot to New Order on their UK Tour. The inital pressing of Paris – Amelia, within a month of release were being exchanged for $25.

Following several EP’s (one of which became Mick Mercer from Melody Maker single of the year), three albums and playing in front of an audience of 15,000 at the Loreley Stadium, BFG disbanded in1989 after the release of their final album BLUE. which was described then by “Boston Radio’ as one of the most influential albums of the 80’s.  

BLUE saw a US vinyl re-release in 2014, with Punk Vault magazine, who had previously been totally unaware of BFG, stating, ‘How this band didn’t become a household name in the industrial/Wax Trax scene of the late 1980’s, is a mystery to me?’   

With the renewed interest, the original members of BFG  reformed for what was originally to be a one-off appearance in Berlin in 2016. This subsequently led to the gathering of 1,500 BFG fans from Peru, Australia, USA and from throughout Europe, to welcome the band onstage for the bands concert at the Felsenkeler, Leipzig. 

Along with these two concerts, further appearances were recorded and documented  on BFG’s new live album ‘Out Of The Darkness, Into The Light.’  

BFG are now also now back in the studio recording ‘Pulling Wings From Butterflies. They will  taking a break from recording to appear  as headliners at the Polish ‘Return To The Batcave’ Festival and their appearance at next years W-Fest in Belgium. 





The two videos and track above are all taken off the live album. To download the complete ‘Out Of The Darkness Into The Light’ for review please enter the password sent to you in the orginal contact email. If you have not yet been sent the password, please contact BFG via the contact form below to request one.




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