Following tours with The Cult, New Order, and appearces at the Montrous Rock Festival  as drummer with various bands and artists  including Factory Records band Lavolta Lakota, Mike Simii left to form BFG in Summer 1985 with long term counterpart Keith Lambert. The bands direction was set when Pete Hook, Joy Division’s  and New Order bassist, lent the fledgling B.F. G.the  original Oberhiem DBX drum machine responsidle for probably one of the most reconnisable kick drums intros of all time…….Blue Monday.

At that point the bands  manifesto, became  clear.  Merge electronic dance beats, driving bass lines, and  heavy staccatto guitar, a combination and sound  that would eventually find mainstream sucess  via the output of Chicago label ‘Wax Trax’ and Nine Inch Nails under the guise of ‘Industrial Music’. The final addition to the original BFG sound was vocalist B.J. Williams.

Upon hearing the early demo of Paris / Amelia,  Pete Hook invited B. F. G. to support  New Order on tour, bringing the band immediatly to a wider audience.

Thanks to the following who were part of the BFG. live line up : Andy Clegg (Chamelons, Sun and The Moon, Music For Aborigies, Weave World). Andy Whittikar (Sun and The Moon, Music For Aborigiens, Weave World). Graham Atkinson (Sum and The Moon, Molly Half Head, Weavworld), El Thomas and of course to Hooky.


After the release of Paris and early gigs, Mike moved back to drums and Steve Craig replaced B.J. Willimas on vocals with Paul Batheram joined on guitar and Joe Cassidy on bass. The new line-up’s first recording was ‘Western Sky’, the last track to be written by the original BFG   The follow up release Higher Than Heaven was considered by Melody Makers Mick Mercer as the “Greatest Indipendant single of the year.’

The BFG sound  had dramatically altered and was now moving in  a much more melodic ‘dark wave’ direction which resulted in the bands debut album ‘Fathoms’. Numerous European tours followed including apperances in front of 15,000 at the Lorely Stadium alongside Bjork and the Pouges and at the WDR Festival with New Model Army, Dinasour Jnr. and Wire. Paul Wayman, Guy Hatton (Utah Saints) and Andy Fletcher (Mark Rileys Creepers) also joined the live line up. 

Steve and Paul left BFG and formed ‘Who By Fire’ and contiuned to tour Europe.


The next chapter in the BFG story was a return to orginal blueprint. Mixing even more technology with pumelling bass lines, BFG. were  now stripped back to a duo,  Mike and orginal vocalist B.J. WIlliams.

The trusty Roland 909 drum machine was brought out of retirement and  was joined by  young upstarts  in the form of an  Akai Sampler and an early version of Cubase. Again engineered by Utah Saints producer Guy Hatton, the album BLUE sold out with a week of it’s release with Boston Radio hailing it the  ‘album of the decade’. The album was never performed live………………………..Until


October 14th 2016 saw the orginal BFG vocalist B.J. Williams and Mike Simii perform together for the first time since the recording of BLUE in 1989. The venue was Berlin and was the idea  of long term fan and promoter Jurgen Jakob. The Berlin gig was the first time BLUE had ever been perfomed live, nearly thirty years since it was recorded. Joining Mike and B.J. Williams and now part of the new BFG line up is guitarist ZERO, and the self proclaimed ‘Immovables’ ex Factory Records Andrew Wright (Red Turns To), Elliot Wheeler (Danse Socierty) and Dan Cunningham. A new BFG album is to be recorded this Summer with its relase before 2018.